1. After reading the stories answer the questions below in a discussion post and respond to two of your classmates’ posts. Write complete grammatically correct sentences but do not rewrite the questions. Number your responses to correspond to the questions. 150 words or more total.
  1. 1. What is Dee’s view of valuing family culture and heritage and what is Maggie’s? Try to state their differences if there are any.

2.  Who is the stranger in Hawthorne’s story (carefully note how the narrator refers to him and how other characters refer to him)? Does knowing his identity add anything to the significance of the fact that Young Goodman Brown has a scheduled appointment with him in the woods? From the first conversation with the stranger –Where is Goodman Brown’s faith (not his wife) really centered? In God? His community? Where?  


 3.What is odd about the style/form of “The Things They Carried” and how would you describe that style or form of the story? Does the form contribute anything to the content of this powerful story??? What does home have to do with this story?

  1. Read In Portable Literature: “Everyday Use,”344; “The Things They Carried,”310; “Young Goodman Brown”367. Read the author’s brief bios –always! (ALL STORIES

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