Please answer the following questions in a 200-word response minimum. Try your best to reference the text I will message you privately for how to access the text book. Or you can access it at this link (it may take some time to load):

  1. What is homeostasis? Use the following topic and discuss in detail how it is related to homeostasis in the human body.



  1. Organisms have evolved physiologically and anatomically to adapt. Choose THREE of the following systems that are discussed in your textbook (primarily in chapters 21-27), and for each one briefly explain how it has specifically allowed humans to adapt to our environment.

?        Urinary System

?        Integumentary System

?        Endocrine System

?        Skeletal System

?        Circulatory System

?        Muscular System

?        Respiratory System

?        Lymphatic and Immune System

?        Digestive System

?        Reproductive System

?        Nervous System

  1. Watchthe video provide din the link below


Please make a statement about what you saw in the video and reflect with a notable response. Here is the link:

  1. Please use the link below to answer the following question; What are the functions of the major organs in the human body?


  1. Please use the link below to answer the following question; How do these organs work in the body?


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