Please answer each question as thoroughly as possible, providing rich detail from our lectures, readings, and discussions. The organization of your answers, the complexity of your analysis, and the clarity of your critical thinking are the key elements of your evaluation.1

  1. On Consumer Buying Behavior:
  2. Referring to your company, describe a scenario of your typical customer using the buyer

decision process when considering purchasing your company’s product/service. Use the language from our readings.

  1. Consider pulling from your database research offered in our library workshop to authenticate how your customers behave in your market environment.
  2. Additionally, from the criteria that influence the rate of adoption, in what area does your company/product excel and what area does your company/product require attention to strengthen the adoption process? Be detailed in your response.
  3. On Branding and the Product Lifecycle:
  4. Identify and discuss the central features of your company’s brand vision, brand personality,

and brand position – be specific

  1. Additionally, identify at what stage your brand falls within the product lifecycle model.

What is required for you to ensure that the customer remains eternally ‘connected’ to your


  1. Recalling our theme of brand’s driving business and marketing, clarify your project

company’s brand vision, brand personality and brand positioning – be specific as you describe this important brand management model.

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