Discussion Topic One:


Read, “Maternal Thinking: Maternal Detachment and Infant Survival in a Brazilian Shantytown”: http://www.jstor.org.ezproxy.umuc.edu/sici?sici=0091-2131(1985)13%3a4%3c291%3aEthos%3e2.0.TX%3b2-2&origin=EBSCO

What is Scheper-Hughes asserting about mothers and neglect of children? What role does culture play in this, according to Scheper-Hughes? What does Scheper-Hughes say whether human mothers have an inborn “instinct” to care for their children?

Discussion Topic Two:

You are assigned to read an article by Vlassoff and Manderson, “Incorporating Gender in the Anthropology of Infectious Disease” (see course resources for this week).  What key points do the authors make? What are some of their most revealing examples?  Provide two paragraphs.

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