1. Answer the below questions in regards to you company “Amazon.com.”
  2. Must be in Microsoft word.
  3. State your company at the top of your paper.
  4. Write the question out then provide your response.
  5. All responses need to be thoroughly thought out..
  6. Provide the references of where you obtain your information
  7.   No Plagiarism.


  1. What is the current ratio of Amazon.com?
  2. Does Amazon.com have enough money to pay off short term liabilities? Explain.
  3. What is the inventory turnover ratio of Amazon.com?
  4. How much is the earnings per share of Amazon.com?
  5. What is the return on equity of Amazon.com?
  6. What is the return on investment of Amazon.com?
  7. What are four responsibilities of a Financial Manager?
  8. What would happen if you were planning to raise $100,000,000 through the sale of additional shares of stock and the market dropped 10 percent? Would you have to issue more or less stock?
  9. What investment strategy would you use to protect your financial portfolio from a stock market that is going down?
  10. How can you take advantage of a rising stock market?

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