1.What is the difference between object-oriented software engineering and conventional software engineering?

2. What is the capability maturity model integration (CMMI)?  What are the maturity levels?

3.Software engineering is a discipline that researches, and applies engineering processes to increase software _________, and _______________, and reduce ___________________ to market (PQCT).

4.Software engineering entails three (3) fundamental paths of activity.  They are ____________, __________,and ______________.

5. Project management activities include effort estimation, planning and scheduling, risk management, __________, and ______________.

6. The software development process involves identification of business needs, feasibility analysis, ___________, system design, implementation, testing and deployment of a software product or system.

7. SQA ensures that requirements, design, implementation and the final software product and other artifacts meet ______________.

8. Requirements specify an array of capabilities a software development project must _______________.

9. A software process is an outline that specifies _____________ of activities to perform in order to produce high-quality software within a planned timeframe and budget.

10. A software methodology describes _____________, ____________ performed to complete activities during phases of a software process.

11. The iterative and incremental development processes of agile methods permit frequent __________

to requirements and documentation.

12 The prototyping process addresses the problem of  _______________ of delivered software from specificed requirements.


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