1.                 Introduction to the AT&T – History of the Company & Current Status — A. When was the organization founded, why and by whom? Discuss unusual history associated with the organization.  B. Is it privately or publicly held?   C.  Who are its top executives in terms of experience, academic credentials, diversity, etc.? D. Discuss the organization’s Business Model? E. What is the impact of globalization on this organization? Other information?
  2.              Identification of the Industry and the Competitors – Industry definition is necessary so that competitors can be identified; macro-environmental forces that affect the organization and its industry can be assessed, and the organization’s relative strengths and weaknesses can be compared to other organizations within the industry.
  3.             Analysis of the AT&T (Mission, Vision, Core Values, Operating Guidelines, Core Competencies, Goals)
  4.     What is the mission of the organization? Has the mission changed over time?
  5.     What is the vision of the organization?  Has the vision changed over time?
  6.     What are the organizations core values and operating guidelines?  Analyze current problems that conflict with the organization’s core values and operating guidelines.
  7.     What are the organization’s core competencies?  How are they unique?
  8.      What are the organization’s broad and specific goals?

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