Answer these questions separately. When answering question, please be sure to include the question.

What is the impact of philosophy, history, litigation, or legislation on the understanding of learning disabilities (LD), its definition, identification practices, and prevalence? Use specific examples to illustrate your point.

Minimum of 150 words with in-text citation(s) and reference(s)

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation detailing the history of learning disabilities.

Provide substantial definitions and discuss discrepancies that may cause misidentification of students. Include:

• strategies to prevent misdiagnosis.

• resources for parents of children with learning disabilities

In addition, please include a component that is interactive for the audience.

Video clips may be included, but may not be longer than three minutes.

In a separate document, begin creating a math lesson using the Class Profile provided.

For this week you are only expected to complete the standards, differentiation, objective, and assessment portions of this lesson.

Be sure to:

Label each section as such (ex. Standards section, differentiation, etc.).

1. Use the standards from your state (GA). (common core is the default setting).

2. Explicitly address how to differentiate instruction for students needing extra assistance.

3. Address different learning styles (auditory, kinesthetic, and visual).

4. Make objectives observable and measurable.

5.Reflect upon the assessment: how will you assess students?  Why?

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