1) What is the Law of Non-Contradiction, and what role does it play in

Gensler’s approach to ethics?

2) Describe “Coherentism.” Be sure to include its relation to systems

such as geometry.

3) Explain how Gensler’s approach to ethics relates to axiomatic systems.

4) Describe the Golden Rule as Gensler approaches it, and distinguish

it from the other approach to the Golden Rule that he rejects. Be sure

to explain why he rejects the other form of the Golden Rule.

5) Lay out and explain the main points presented by Kreeft and

Boonin in their debate on abortion. Be sure to include the points they

raised in their opening statements as well as the responses in their


6) What is consequentialism? Be sure to include its relation to utilitarianism.

7) Explain how pragmatism is associated with consequentialism.

8) What is the difference between consequentialism and non-consequentialism?

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