What is the role of integrated marketing communications (IMC) in a firm’s overall marketing strategy? When executed well, what are its benefits?


By now, you should have reviewed this week’s required reading material and have an understanding of the important concepts. You will now take part in this discussion.


Pick one of the topics below to cover in your post. Make sure you indicate which topic you have chosen.  posts – they should not be on the same topic as yours.


  1. Advertising Objectives and Appeals
    • What is the role of integrated marketing communications (IMC) in a firm’s overall marketing strategy? When executed well, what are its benefits?
    • What are the three primary objectives of advertising? Give an example of when each one might be used. Identify the different types of emotional appeals in advertising. What are the benefits and pitfalls of each? Find and insert a current advertisement (picture or video) using any types of emotional appeals.


  1. Celebrity Endorsement
    • Identify and describe the different advertising media. Which are on the rise? Which are potentially on the decline?
    • What are some of the benefits and drawbacks of using celebrity testimonials in advertising? Identify an ad you believe makes effective use of a celebrity’s endorsement, and explain why. What is your favorite celebrity endorsement and why do like it (use recent/up-to-date examples)? Find and insert the advertisement (picture or video) of the celebrity endorsement.
  1. 2019 Super Bowl Advertisements

Current trends in advertising seem to favor the non-traditional; and yet, as an advertising event, the Super Bowl enjoys more success than ever. Perhaps that is because more than any other television event, the Super Bowl has emerged as the perfect traditional advertising vehicle for promoting for new trends in social media, public relations, and other growing forms of promotion.

  • Approximately how many viewers watch the Super Bowl every year? How does that audience size compare to other major TV events?
  • What was your favorite Super Bowl ad this year? Find and insert an advertisement (picture or video). Why did you like it?
  • Which factors have played the biggest role in changing the dynamics of Super Bowl advertising in recent years (e.g., cost, social media, and PR)?

You may refer to the following:

  1. Public Relations (PR)
    • Visit the websites of at least two large multinational corporations (List of multinational corporations). (n.d.). In Wikipedia. Retrieved from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_multinational_corporations). Examples include Siemens, Google, Apple, and Nike. Review the material on the websites and write a brief report outlining how each firm includes public relations as part of its promotional strategy.
    • Evaluate the way a company has recently publicized itself or its products. If it was good publicity, how was it generated and what media were used? If it was bad publicity, where did you learn about it and how did the firm try to control or neutralize it? Find and insert a picture or video to show recent examples of PR.

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