3:15                 Is this verse really the “Protevangelium”?  Yes or No.

4:1-6                What is the significance and nature of Cain and Abel’s gifts?  i.e.,

what was the basis of their acceptance or rejection?

6:3                   To what does “yet his days will be an hundred and twenty

years” refer?

9:6                   Does this verse support “capital punishment”?  Yes or No.  (This is a biblical issue, not a social issue, so stick to interpreting the


11:31               Where is “Ur of the Chaldees” to be located?

14:18               Who was Melchizedek?  An historical character or “something”


24:2; 44:5         What is the meaning of (or significance of) “Put, I pray thee, thy

hand under my thigh”?

25:8                 What does “gathered unto his people mean”?

31:19               What is the significance of Rachel’s theft?  Why did she steal her

father’s teraphim?

49:10               What is the meaning of “until Shiloh come”?

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