Please answer this question as descriptive as possible: What makes a community healthy? Thanks in advance example of a student’s response A community is a unique place which encompasses multiple factors that makes it healthy. Components that influence a healthy community includes a socio-economic framework, disease prevention, health promotion programs, availability of schools, healthcare facilities, accessibility to safe food, clean water, transportation, and programs to help individuals to take control over their health (Dennis, Hetherington, Borodzicz, Hermiz, & Zwar, 2015). Each portion of the community may inter-relate to share their expertise, perception, and knowledge to make a community healthy. Many community-based programs place emphasis on educating individuals to take responsibility and to make essential changes necessary to promote health and wellness. According to Hawk and Evans (2013) individuals need to be aware of the information, self-efficacy and personal goal in order to change health activities. Community in many cases is directly related to shaping an individual and their overall health outcome. According to Dennis et al., (2015) community-based health programs is directed to support physical activity and diet, which are key elements for improving the population’s health and reducing the prevalence of chronic diseases. Health includes complete physical, mental and social well-being and is a big focus in the diseases prevention processes. References: Dennis, S., Hetherington, S. A., Borodzicz, J. A., Hermiz, O., & Zwar, N. A. (2015). Challenges to establishing successful partnerships in community health promotion programs: Local experiences from the national implementation of healthy eating activity and lifestyle (HEAL(TM)) program. Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 26(1), 45-51. Hawk, C., & Evans, W. (2013). Health Promotion and Wellness: An Evidence-based guide to clinical preventive services. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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