Please use correct APA citations and references for each question. Write 150-200 words per question.

  1. 1
  1. What potential effects does human water use have on the water cycle?
  1. How do you know a waterborne illness outbreak has occurred? What would you do in such an event?


  1. What is a current issue in water and wastewater treatment operations?


  1. Explain the paradigm shift, and what does it accomplish?


  1. 2


  1. Explain the Safe Drinking Water Act.


  1. Describe the physical water quality characteristics, such as it’s solids, turbidity, color, temperature, and odor.


  1. Describe Alkalinity for water.


  1. Describe the biological water quality characteristics, such as viruses, algae, bacteria, and protozoa that can be found in water. How are they found or created?

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