What results were obtained from data analysis?Is sufficient information given to interpret the results of data analysis?

do NOT repeat the same thing your classmate is saying, try to add something of value like a resource, educational information to give to patients, possible bad outcomes associated with the medicines discussed in the case, try to include a sample case you’ve seen at work and discuss how you feel about how that case was handled. Try to use supportive information such as current Tx guidelines, current research related to the treatment, anything that will enhance learning in the online classroom. Hello Class, As Tappen (2011) explains, qualitative research can be quantified when you start to statistically analyze answers to questions that pertain to observation or feelings. I have personally seen how many research studies use this method to develop quantitative research articles. The article I have chosen to review was conducted by Wolf et al. (2014) and is titled; No evidence of benefit from antibiotic lock therapy in pediatric oncology patients with central line-related bloodstream infection: Results of a retrospective matched cohort study and review of the literature. -Is this a quantitative or qualitative research article? This is a quantitative study. -What are the problem and purpose of the research article? The problem being addressed in this article is the high incidence of CLASBI infection in pediatric patients and the lack of confirmative research as to the effectiveness of using antibiotic lock therapy. The purpose of this study is to investigate the use of antibiotic lock therapy within the pediatric oncology setting as well investigate literature about antibiotic lock therapy. -What methods of data analysis were used? In this quantitative analysis the researchers investigated the patient charts from a prominent hospital system within a 6-year time frame. Incidence antibiotic lock therapy for CLASBI infection was documented and recorded. The study then used a comparison cohort and study the patient charts of individuals who received systemic antibiotic treatment for CLASBI infection. Statistical significance was determined using the chi-square method of analysis. -Were they appropriate to the design and hypotheses? The design was appropriate in proving the need for continued study of antibiotic lock therapy. The design of the study focused on lack of information regarding research which supported the hypotheses. -What results were obtained from data analysis?Is sufficient information given to interpret the results of data analysis? After analyzing the data, researchers were able to conclude that not enough information is available to prove effectiveness of antibiotic lock therapy and a randomized, double-blind study is needed to determine the efficacy of the intervention. The information provided is enough to see why further intervention is needed.

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