100 word response

1. What role does funding play in the research process? Is grant and proposal writing important to the research process within the criminal justice field?

2. What is the reality of obtaining grants funds to conduct research if you are a government criminal justice agency?  Do you think there are many opportunities?  Adequate resources?  If not, how do you think government agencies might handle this challenge?

3. What are the most important factors to consider when preparing research findings?

4.How does research replication help to validate research findings?

5. How do you think government agencies deal with the ability to write grants?  It would likely not be a surprise if I told you that not every agency has a dedicated, professional grant writer or manager on staff.  So if these funds are critical to the agency to conduct research projects, how do you think they might deal with this challenge?

6. The research problem is critical. If you don’t get out of the blocks well with a sound research problem it will set the tone for he rest of the project no matter how good the process. What about consideration of your audience when producing the research report

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