Answer the following after a complete review of the assigned reading. Each answer should be developed and in complete statements. References in APA style are required!

  1. What role does the management have at the GE Jet Engine plant – What do they do?
  2. How does the self managed teams at GE work & why is this structure so successful for GE?
  3. The failure rate of a GE engine is so small that many say the GE jet engine is Error Free. Please share how this is accomplished and how self managed work teams are the KEY?
  4. If you could do something (and you have to!) to improve the GE jet engine plant and make them even MORE successful what would you do and why? – remember to use terms from the reading!
  5. What problems do you see for companies that would like to adopt the self managed team structure like GE? (There are many – make sure to use details and terms)

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