Life can be tricky and life in the workplace is no exception. Consider the scenario below:

You are working as part of the data warehousing team at a multi-national company. A very close friend, whom helped to get you the job, works for the same company. He is a mid-level technician in the System Admin team. You frequently have lunch together. Conversations surround both job and outside technology interests. Recently, your friend has become less happy about the management structure within the System Admin team. At lunch, controversial comments about the benefits of “back doors” (hidden accounts that allow outside access to the network), how to get around content filters (a method of blocking undesirable content), and the value of the data within the network have come up. So far, it has been all talk, and there is no reason to believe any unethical or illegal activities taking place.

Based on the scenario presented above, respond to the following questions.

  1. What type of obligations do you have if no violations have occurred?
  2. What would a utilitarian do in this situation?
  3. What would you do in this situation?

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