Organizational change is a process that is put in place in order to facilitate improved efficiency. The process begins with an organizational development strategy. OD Strategy is a plan that shares the process and tasks that implement organizational improvement activities.

There are three basic organizational development strategies for change.

  • Structural Strategies – Change an organization’s design through the medication of authority lines, control spans, and the arrangement of work responsibilities.
  • Technological Strategies – Implement new technologies like computer systems and machinery.
  • Behavioral Strategies – Use human resources to facilitate change through motivation to increase employee morale.

Organizational Intervention

What type of OD technique should be used to implement change within an organization? This question signifies the need to consider many variables. There are three broad aspects that concern the OD practitioner in selecting the most effective intervention method.

  • Potential Results Technique (PRT) – asks the following questions: Will it solve the basic problems? Does it have any additional positive outcomes?
  • Potential Implementation of the Technique (PIT) – asks the following questions: can the proposed technique actually work in a practical application? What are the actual costs of this technique and the impact of the costs upon the client system? How do the estimated costs of the technique compare with the expected results?
  • The Potential Acceptance of the Technique (PAT) – asks the following questions: is the technique acceptable to the client system? Is it adequately developed and tested? Has it been adequately explained and communicated to the members of the client system?

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