• MLA format, and follwo the qustion:
  • Which part of your writing process is your favorite? Why?
  • Does your process change with each assignment or class?
  • What is your relationship with revision? (Remember, revision and editing are different processes.)
  • Do you revise as you write, after a draft is completed, or both? Is this the best method for you? Why or why not?
  • Have you tried writing in blocks of time? Do you write an entire essay in one sitting? What are the benefits to your method? Are there any issues?

After thinking about your answers, create an essay that discusses the nature of your relationship with your writing process. This essay should be a coherent essay that pulls your thoughts together under the umbrella of a central idea, a thesis. In short, you must decide on a claim you want to make about your writing process and support it with the essay.  The support will be drawn from your personal experience and thoughts; no outside research is required. However, if you wish to reference from any of our readings about writing, please do and remember to cite appropriately.

This essay will be two to three pages in length and written in MLA format.

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