Name _______________________ ESL 411 – Final Idioms Quiz (200 Points)
Directions: Answer each of the following 10 questions in at least 5 sentences. Use the idiom in your response. Make sure to check your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Answer each part of every question. Type your answers, and turn it in on Friday, May 12th.

Why do so many people bite off more than they can chew? Give an example of when you did this.

If someone you are dating goes out on you, would you let them off the hook or would you drag the truth out of them? Why?

Describe the tackiest looking person you have seen on campus. Be sure to describe the person using specific details.

What restaurant in Buffalo can’t be beat? Why? Give specific examples.

What advice would you give to your roommate who is always glued to social media and is having a hard time with his/her classes?

What have you experienced this semester that you had to just grin and bear it? Give specific details about what happened.

What is something that you have never tried, but would like to take a shot at? Why?

Have you ever had a hunch that something would or wouldn’t happen? Explain what the situation was all about.

Would you stick your neck out for a friend who wants to borrow parts of your research paper to turn in to the English professor because he/she had a medical emergency? Why or why not?

What would your best friend have to do to twist your arm to stay in Buffalo with him/her for the summer? Give specific reasons.

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