Question 1:

Why do we need to understand how our internal organization works today. It is important that we adopt to change because if we don’t our competition will. What are some of the actions your organization is taking to lead the change process. How are they attempting to get the workforce to work closer together and how are they employing the team concepts. What are they doing to build a diverse team and how are they encouraging innovation.

Question 2:

Tell us about the role of international markets in your organization. Why will the need to understand and manage international markets be critical to our long term success. Understanding that no one does everything well how are we going to manage the use of the global environment.

Question 3:

If we need different results, and all organizations will at some point in time, we can not continue to due what we have always done. We need to learn to change and adopt to change quickly. Tell us what your organization is doing to continue to adopt, grow and change.

Question 4:

Competition is all around us. What role does monitoring competition play in the development of a strategy plan. How can we continue to identify new competition and evaluate the actions being taken by present competition. Who are our biggest competitors today and what are they doing. Who might make up the new competition?

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