Assignment 4 Directions
Assignment 4: Defining a Problem/Proposing a Solution
“The York County is one of the counties in Pennsylvania. The County is experiencing rapid growth in a majority of its sectors. The growth of the County has brought along several challenges. The problem facing York City that I would like to address is the issue of overcrowding. If not properly managed, the situation may become worse. I never thought of this as a big problem until I visited the Waller and Magruder Mill elementary schools where my brother studies and realized that this is not only a local problem but a personal problem since getting substance education from such a crowded environment is hard. The school Board has already admitted that overcrowding is an issue in the school, and it is causing them a headache as they project that the numbers will rise with the developments of residential developments that are being experienced in York County. The solution suggested by the York County School Board is that a new elementary school should be constructed. The problem with this solution is that it is not long term since the population growth in York City has not been controlled. Constructing a new elementary school in the region may ease the pressure on the elementary schools for a few years, but the problem of overcrowding will be reported again if the population growth of York County is not controlled. The audience for this proposal would be the York County School Board and the Board of Supervisors as they are involved in the allocation of funds for construction of the residential developments leading to the overcrowding and allocation of funds for development of an elementary school. The details that are relevant for this particular audience is the effect that overcrowding in elementary schools will have on the quality of education and the coming up with a long lasting solution to the problem of overcrowding.”
REMEMBER to take research on the above topic ONLY!
Here’s some comments from professor regarding this topic:
“This sounds like an interesting topic to examine. I ask you to think about a few things as you work on this topic, though (and to possibly provide the answers here so that your peer reviewer can be of more help):
1) Why is “population control” your solution? Are there reasons that York would want to keep its population smaller?

2) Would the town benefit in any way from population growth?

3) You still need to address the “proposal” section of this assignment. You’ve identified a “problem” and possibly taken issue with their proposed solution, but what might be a viable alternative in your eyes?”

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