Clinical Field Experience C: Marvin and Jack – Video Analysis

Allocate 1 hour to complete this part of the Clinical Field Experience.

Using the video “Marvin and Jack,” answer the following questions in 250-500 words:

1.Why is it important to develop long-term visions for individuals with disabilities?

  1. What impacts are realized from involving individuals with disabilities in their program for the children, the families, and the service providers?
  2. What strategies can be utilized to involve individuals with disabilities in their program?

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

Discussion Questions    Topic 4 DQ 2-word count 200

What are IDEA’s requirements regarding parental involvement in the IEP process?

Topic 4 DQ 1-word count 200

Explain what IDEA 2004 requires regarding the use of high stakes testing with children with disabilities.

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