I need help with below. No plagiarism, no work cited from Wikipedia. Must cite all references, APA style, due 07/21/16 . Minimum of 400 words

Describe a project of interest to you. Explain how the concept of a “Seller Proposal” would apply to this project. Include a detailed description of the three major sections of a “Seller Proposal”  , and examples of information that would be contained in each section for your selected project.

Why is it wise for a project manager to obtain a proposal from several potential suppliers whenever it is possible to do so?

What is an example of a project situation you can think of, or find through internet research, in which only one supplier would be requested to provide a proposal?

As always, provide clear, concise, focused, and well-documented responses, and respond to at least two posts by colleagues.

Definition of Seller Proposals. – Formal responses from sellers to a request for proposal or other procurement document specifying the price, commercial terms of sale, and technical specifications or capabilities the seller will do for the requesting organization that, if accepted, would bind the seller to perform the resulting agreement.

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