Selected Company: DBS Singapore (Local Bank)

Introduction (100 words)

-Description of the company and the nature of its business and other relevant facts

Company Background (100 words)

-What the Strategic management of the company?

Country Background (100 words)

-Why is Singapore a good place for financial bank?

PESTEL Analysis (300 words)

Clear explanations of PESTEL and the relationships between the elements of PESTEL

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis (400 words)

Clear explaination of Porter’s 5 forces analysis and relationships between the 5 forces to

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis(400 words)

Analysis of chosen company was well-related to Porter’s 5 forces and supported with relevant evidence.

Four Strategic Recommandations (600 words)

Recommendation is well considered and takes in account the analysis of the company & are management related

Conclusion (100 words)

Insightful and relates well to the analysis of the company

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