Psychology and Early Childhood Education

CE300: Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood

Standardized Screening Assessments Essay

Case Scenario: You have been hired as the new director of an Early Childhood Program. During the interview and hiring process, you realize that the culture in this Early Childhood Program has historically been centered on the use of informal portfolios as the sole assessment format. The staff and families enjoy the use of portfolios and are very satisfied with this type of informal assessment.

You would like to propose using standardized screening assessments for all of the children in the Pre-K classroom as the local school district uses standardized screening assessment scores to assist with placement decisions.

Be sure to read the School Culture at and review the website National School Climate Center at to prepare for your essay discussion on the importance of respecting the culture in the workplace climate.

In a one page essay, discuss the following using the case scenario:

  • What is this organization’s culture concerning assessment?
  • Why is this organization’s culture on assessment important to understand?
  • How would you discuss your proposal to use standardized screening assessments while respecting the culture and role of informal assessment?

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