Write a 275-word medication summary, analyzing these medications. Include the following: • Class • Why it was selected over other medications • Mechanism of action/effect on the disease • Interaction with other medications, vitamins and herbal supplements, and food In addition to any texts, you must also use a current pharmacology reference for your assignment. Personally I use Epocrates because it’s free and there’s a phone app I can use to look up drugs when I’m with my patients. You are free to use any current reference. Layperson websites are not acceptable, such as drugs.com. You are welcomed to use a PDR, Epocrates, 2017/2018 Nursing Drug reference, or another current drug reference designed for healthcare professionals. You must provide proper citations for any drug information used. Examples of acceptable drug references to use: Any nursing drug reference years 2017/18 https://online.epocrates.com/ https://www.fda.gov/Drugs/ResourcesForYou/HealthProfessionals/default.htm https://reference.medscape.com/drugs http://www.pdr.net/ or another valid reference of your choosing.

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