Recently, a major hot beverage retail competitor established an order entry system whereby customers can place orders on a mobile app in advance of arriving at the retail outlet. As an Information Systems Analysts, you feel that your organization has the capacity to develop a similar system for your company. Your mission is to:

  • Describe the current data flow process for a walk-in customer placing an order
  • Describe the data flow process for a mobile order that will be picked up at a drive-thru window
  • Describe the advantages and benefits of the new process you are proposing
  • Developa list of technology and process skills that the new project evaluation team should have to complete their tasks

From the developed list, match those skills with the skills that you expect to have after completing your degree to determine where you fit on an evaluation team.

Write a 350- to 700-word proposal to your supervisor explaining your development proposal and why you should be on the team and how your presence will benefit the company.

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