This week, you have had the opportunity to watch several videos that discuss culture and stereotypes. Culturally responsive instructional practices are those that support the teacher and students in working together in productive ways to lift up all students for success.

For your final assignment, you will conduct research using the Concordia M.Ed. Online Library.

  • Research peer-reviewed articles on culturally responsive instructional practices. These may help you address stereotypes in the classroom in productive ways that promote learning for all.
    • Your research can be broad, but you will need to find at least 5 articles that deal with multiculturalism, culture, stereotypes, prejudice, and how these affect education in the U.S. and the world.
    • Consider research that will allow you to explore best practices and productive responses, not just studies that indicate stereotypes exist.
    • You may elect to identify challenges you have faced in the classroom as a foundation for your research focus.
    • The goal of your research is to learn more about positive ways to respond to the challenges that multiculturalism can sometimes bring to classrooms.
  • Write a 5- to 7-page paper about your research findings and personal reflections about culturally responsive practices and multiculturalism.
    • Your paper must include information on the ways you believe you can best utilize culturally responsive instructional practices in your classroom to combat the detrimental impact of stereotypes on learning.

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