Write a 900 to 2000-word paper which includes the following:

  1. A description of each team member’s personality type. This should be a brief summary of 2 or 3 sentences on each team member. Please include a chart or other visual  of the entire team that shows the score of each person and where they were ranked on the scale. Use the Big Five Personality Assessment as the baseline.
  2. A description of the advantages of working with those with the differing personality types of your team. Use data from assessments to show areas of strength and commonality of the team members.
  3. A discussion of the disadvantages of working with those with differing personality types of your team. Be sure to use data to show points of tension among the team members.
  4. Examples of ways your team can manage the diverse personality issues on this team. Give a concrete action plan to insure success for your team.

Cite 1 to 3 business sources not including the

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