For this assignment, write a cover letter and résumé for a position advertised on Career360° or another online job board. Choose a job you are qualified for and that can accommodate your university schedule.

Follow the format discussed in class for your cover letter and use whichever résumé format—chronological or functional—best presents your relevant qualifications. In class, you will learn about which format works better in different circumstances, and you will need to apply that instruction when making your choice.

Assignment Checklist:

-Use only truthful information about yourself. Presenting false information on a résumé is unethical.

-Use your own words. Do not copy material from the textbook, class slides, another student’s work, or internet sources. Do not use a template or wizard for either document.

-Consult the cover letter and résumé checklists distributed in class (and posted on Brightspace) to ensure all assignment criteria has been met.

-Merge your cover letter, résumé, and job advertisement (in this order) into one electronic file. Save your document as a Word file.

Write a direct response memo addressed to Dr. Creelman.

In your message, please report the following information:

1.The name of the job and company you plan to apply to for Assignment 5.

Identify the name of the online job board (e.g., Career 360) where you saw the job posted. Staple a copy of the job ad to the hard copy memo you submit in class.

2.Identify your major skill or asset that qualifies you for the job.

3.Identify the resume style you plan to use and why, given your past experience.


  • Create and insert a word-processed two-column table and list your skills/assets in the left-hand column and your corresponding proof or evidence of each skill in the right-hand column
  • Skills and attributes should correspond with those highlighted on job ad
  • Use action verbs (see p. 425) to describe what you have done*
  • Quantify your accomplishments wherever possible.

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