Because my dissertation plan focused on Impact of recent changes to IFRS in banking industry, and I have chosen IFRS 10, IFRS 11 and IFRS 12 to my dissertation, therefore please focused on those IFRS (10,11 and 12) when you write about it. I will upload dissertation handbook and please do follow that structure and requirement when you write it, thank you. Also, please be aware that the dissertation has the words limit on each section: Abstract (executive summary) (1,000 words). Introduction Chapter (1,000 words).
Literature Review Chapter (3,000 words). Research Methodology Chapter (2,000 words)
Findings Chapter (2,500 words). Discussions Chapter (2,500 words). Conclusion & Recommendations Chapters (1,500 words). Some variations are acceptable from the recommended word limit for each section, so the written chapters can be slightly longer or shorter than the above proposed word limit for each chapter.

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