Write a five-paragraph essay that explains how Sophocles uses the literary element foil to unfold the plot of the play Oedipus the King. In your analysis, you must be able to identify the two characters who serve as foils to each other, identify how they are foils, and explain how their roles as foils to each other work throughout the play. Please DO NOT write a paragraph for each step that is identified in this previous sentence. Your writing skills should allow you to intertwine the three elements you are being asked to identify into one smooth essay.

A successfully/correctly written literary analysis contains quotes from the text and line numbers in parenthesis at the end of the quote if the quote is a complete sentence or at the end of the complete sentence that contains the quote. You will receive a zero on this assignment if it is plagiarized (does not follow the format indicated in this noted section of the assignment or copied from some other source). This is a skill that is taught in composition and used everywhere else. Please be serious about this submission. Allow someone to read over to ensure that you have completed the assignment based on every instruction on this sheet and the Tips Sheet.

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