A 800-2000 word term paper will be required, using 12 point font, double spaced, with one inch margins on the top, bottom and sides of the paper in APA format. One purpose of the term paper is to begin to prepare for writing a thesis. Another purpose is to prepare content that might be published in a trade journal, society newsletter, etc. The student is responsible for selecting a topic that is related to the body of knowledge that they are passionate about. However, 10% of the term paper grade will be given based on how well the topic can not only be supported from findings in the literature, but also acquired through personal experience. The remaining 90% of the paper will be evaluated on the organization of material and supporting research, as well as correct grammar and punctuation. Suggested examples include benchmarking, comparing, or describing one of the following topics in relation to those found in the literature:

a problem solving tool or method

a scorecard or dashboard

a unique method for assessing supply chain risks

lessons learned from an auditing related experience

a measurement or calibration related experience

a process management related story

a unique application of statistics

The intent is to provide a means of focused study on one aspect of biomedical body of knowledge. The paper requires a hypothesis, the use of a minimum of three references other than the classroom texts and the posting of the completed paper for the benefit of others in the class. This will be discussed during the first few weeks of the course. Students are expected to identify a topic that is of specific personal interest and might be immediately applicable

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