Topic: Sexism In the Workplace


1).     The paper is not to exceed 15 type-written, 12 POINT, double-spaced pages nor be less thanseven pages.  Paper will include a cover page and reference page based on the APA format (6thedition) provided by the instructor. Please no abstracts or table of contents (LATE SUBMISSION OF PAPERS WILL AUTOMATICALLY LOSE 5 POINTS.)

2).     The paper should include at least five (5) references on the topic, citing sources following APA (6th edition) format only for the paper and discussion boards.Please use the Wilson Library or other scholarly resources to cite from such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and other reference books.  As an example, is not considered a scholarly reference and should not be used for your papers.  You may use one reference from a website or other on line source that is not found through the standard scholarly search engines.  If you have questions, please ask.

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