Corrosion prevention for molten salt phase change material-name of dissertation.

Overall word count 1500 words.

  1. Introduction

1.1. A little bit about thermal energy storage and importance nowadays.

1.2. Importance of the thermal storage material

1.3. The corrosion problems of thermal storage material. (These problems limit the use of TEM.)

1.4. The methods to solve the problems of thermal storage material

Method includes encapsulation, form stable composite PCM and making enable coating. Needs to talk about all three of them.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of different methods. For example, the preparation process of the encapsulation is very complex. Form-stable composite PCM need support material, and the proportion is over 30%, it will reduce the latent heat of the overall phase change material. Ordinary coating unbearable corrosion at high temperature. Enamel coating can withstand high temperature around 1000 ?, which has a simple preparation process, high-temperature corrosion-resistant characteristics, can be prepared in metal and other surfaces easily. Therefore, this study will research the corrosion of the molten salt to the steel, and prepared enamel coating on the surface of steel, to prevent high-temperature molten salt corrosion.

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