Write a 200 to 300 -word paper in which the team explains the roles of family, culture, and subculture influences on the company’s target market purchasing behavior.

Discuss how the company can use learning and perception theories in attracting and retaining target market members. Provide a brief description of the theory with specific examples of using it in a marketing communication strategy.


Choose amarketing communication tool used by a brand about which you are passionate. Examples of Marketing Communications types are print advertising, press releases, brochures, flyers, banner ads, etc.

Create a Poster Board presentation in which you:

  • Present the communication tool
  • Discuss how effective it is in attracting and retaining customers, and communicating the company’s focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Propose 3 ways in which the communication tool could be improved for effectiveness.
  • You may create an actual poster board and bring it to class or submit the poster board using padlet.com, storyboard.com, or movenote.com, and adding a script to accompany the electronic poster board submission.
  • Write a 525- to 700-word summary of how you think the presentation went.

Format the paper according to APA standards.

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