Write a paper on Sexual Differences.  Students may choose a Congenital Gender Anomaly/variation or Adult Paraphilia.  Examples include but are not limited to the following:

Klinefelter Syndrome                                                   Turner Syndrome

DHT Deficiency                                                          Mullerian agenesis

Androgen Insenstivity Syndrome                                   Ovo-testes

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia                                    Clitoromegaly

Micropenis                                                                  Progestin Induced virilization

Swyer Syndrome                                                         Aphallia

Exhibitionism                                                               Voyeurism

Frottereurism                                                               S & M

Hypoxyphilia                                                                Necrophilia

Urophilia                                                                     Zoophilia



  1. Choose a topic for which you are interested in learning more. The topic must be one specific gender anomaly or paraphilia.
  1. Paper must cover the following information:
    1. Describe/define the topic
      1. Define the topic
      2. Introduce the topic
    2. History & Prevalence
      1. History- when was the topic first discussed and by whom? What has happened since?
      2. Prevalence –means how many people are affected

(Ex. More males than females, more Whites than Blacks, and how many of each?)

  1. How does our society feel about it
    1. Does society recognize the issue? Why?
    2. Does society approve or disprove? Why?
    3. Students must find a magazine article or website related to the topic and:
      1. Summarize the article, providing specific details.
      2. Compare and contrast the article with your research. Give specific facts regarding whether the article is factual or commercialized for its audience.
    4. Reasons/Causes
      1. What reason does issue/topic exist?
      2. What are the causes for it?
      3. What are the benefits and/or problems related to it?
    5. Interesting facts regarding the topic
      1. What other interesting thing should we know about your topic?
      2. Give specific types, people involved or affected, etc.
      3. List any therapies, treatments, medications, etc. used in connection with the condition.
  • Paper must be double-spaced and a minimum of 3 pages.
  1. Paper must include references.

References are not included as part of the 3 pages.

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