Topic- “Impact of Social Networking on Todays Society”


1.     Open Microsoft Word and create a new document.

2.     Add a right-aligned Header to your document that includes your last name and the page number (inserted rather than typed).

3.     Change the line spacing of your paper to 2.0.

4.     Change the font of your paper to Times New Roman.

5.     Create the body of your paper (introduction, at least three paragraphs of content, conclusion). Your paper must be at least 1.5 pages in length.

6.     Within the body of your paper, make sure you include at least two citations to two different sources using the resource manager.

7.     Create at least one footnote on one of your two body pages.

8.     At the end of your document, create a page break to create a new page.

9.     Add a works cited using the resource manager.

10.  Save your document as Word2-TechnologyResearch.docx in your Word folder (created earlier in this course).

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