Purpose: The purpose of the OS Research Paper is to compare and contrast two operating systems (of your choice).  Include at least four comparisons and four contrasts.  Please make sure you have reviewed all videos and readings in Module 2 prior to beginning this assignment.  Please review the rubric for this paper prior to beginning the assignment.  The rubric is found in Module 2 Assignments.

Directions:  Prepare a Word document using the OS Template found in this module as a guide. Use APA style to cite any sources that you use. Be sure to use the provided template as your guide and delete all comments prior to submission to the OS Compare/Contrast Research Paper DropBox. As a minimum, include ALL the components as indicated below and in the template:

* Abstract

* Introduction

* Operating System Topic 1

* Operating System Topic 2

* Operating Systems Analyzed

* Conclusion

* References Submit: Please submit your document as a .DOCX file to the OS Compare/Contrast Research Paper. After you attach it, please double-check to be sure it opens as a word processor file. If it doesn’t, you can attach another file. I will grade the most recent version of the file that you have submitted, so, if you don’t want points deducted, be sure that your final version is attached before the deadline.w

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