Read “World Religions Today” chapter 4 and answer following quesitons:

1. This week’s religious tradition emerges from last week’s. Knowing this is important because it’s the basis for the myth of supersession. Write a paragraph (3-5 sentences) that shows you understand the myth of supersession and its role in violence between the 2 traditions.

2. Scholars often identify the year 313 AD/CE as a crucial turning point for Christianity. First, what was the important event that happened that year? Second, provide examples from the chapter that support the claim that 313 was a very important year in Christian history.

3. The authors argue that three key trends came together to shape the modern Western world. Summarize each of the 3 trends (2-3 sentences each).

4. The authors tell you that “postcolonial Christianity is decisively non-European.” In your own words based on this chapter, explain why they say this and why it is a shift from premodern and modern Christianity.

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