“COSMOS – EPISODE 2” —->     Link

1) Write a paragraph in your own words explaining why evolution is critical to understanding reality, the real world, including business.  A paragraph is at least 3 sentences, five is better.  Please follow the style guide in the syllabus, summarized below.

2) After posting your paragraph you will be able to see what other students have written (but not until you post).  Select at least one other student’s paragraph and review it critically, do a critique.  After reading all the student responses, pick one you think needs improvement, and click on REPLY: then address them by name, do not say what they did well, that is merely flattery and will earn no points, evaluate their paragraph for sound, sustainable arguments, teach them how to improve, give them examples, do not be shy, do not be rude (this is called “constructive criticism”).  This peer review or critique will be graded separately according to the rubric attached.  PLEASE READ THE RUBRIC BEFORE DOING A CRITIQUE.

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