You are responsible for submitting reflective entries of your choice. The reflective journal and the time you spend writing in this journal will enhance your self-knowledge and thereby enhance your practice. The overall purpose is to enhance your practice and within the context of this course enhance your knowledge, values and beliefs pertaining to culture- personal culture, the clients culture, the culture of nursing and the culture of the work environment. Be creative.

1)You will write in this reflective journal as you come across situations in your professional practice/ workplace/ or any experience encountered requiring deviant procedure due to cultural differences that invite you to wonder, think, reflect, and learn.

2)You will be engaging in self-talk. The journal will assist you to engage in reflection-in-action and reflection- in-practice thus knowing. The journal will be divided into three sections:

3)Section 1 – What: A description of the event that took place within your professional practice i.e., was there a situation in which a particular client did not carry out their health care regimen because of cultural differences; a disagreement between two nurses due to cultural differences due to lack of knowledge, miss-understanding or even disrespect.

4)Section 2 – So what: Does this increase knowledge and understanding on your part mean? What is your aha moment about this situation?
5)Section 3 – Now what: What will you do as a result of this experience to increase knowledge and understanding? Will this change your practice in any way? How so?

In order to gain the most from this journal you will need to write in it as a natural part of your daily experience.

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