Consider this as a reflective paper on class learning as it applies to ethics in information technology. It describes your Ah-ha moment. I hope this course made you think about the ethical trade-offs that occur in our personal and work lives and how we go about making our ethical choices. You can use the ideas you learned from this course; how you will synthesize what you learned from your research about your topic including – over-arching issues, readings, discussion from class, and conclusions from other assignments that apply to your research.

This should not be a stream-of-consciousness narrative, but an organized summary. Please address the following elements:

    • From a class learning perspective, what were some of your “take-aways?”
    • How has this impacted your understanding of the ethical issues?
    • What will you do differently?
    • How has what you have learned in this course influenced your career?
    • As we continue to move toward a global community, what new challenges might we see relating to ethics in IT?

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