Final Paper: Stock Portfolio

For this course, you will create a stock portfolio of five stocks you select and submit a Final Paper on your analysis of your stock portfolio in Week 5. You will start working on your Final Paper during Week 1 and closely monitor the performance of your stocks to inform your Final Paper in Week 5. During Week 1, you will conduct research in the Walden Library and on the Internet to find information about stock investing and select your five stocks.

Submit by Day 7, a 250- to 350-word summary that includes the following:

  • A summary of the importance of stock performance in attracting investment capital for companies.
  • Guidelines that you used when making stock investment decisions.
  • A brief summary of your investment objective for each of the five stocks that you select for your portfolio in Week 1. There are three major stock investment objectives.
  • A description of the five stocks you selected based on these stock investment guidelines and investment objectives and that you think have significant growth potential in the short term (4 weeks).
  • A summary of the reasons and supporting information regarding why you believe each of these stocks will achieve your investment objectives.

You may wish to adopt an investment strategy of aggressive growth, balanced/mixed growth, or stability/conservative choices. Be sure to clearly document your investment objective for each of your five stocks.

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