Please write an approximately 2 page essay on one of the following topics. Be sure to provide citations anytime you use the idea of another author (not just for quotations). The purpose of this assignment is to synthesize ideas found in the assigned readings (Armstrong and/or Marks).
USE THOSE 2 SOURCES: you probably won’t use Armstrong,K but it is okay.
1) Karen Armstrong, Islam: A Short History (New York, Modern Library, 2002). ISBN 978- 0-8129-6618-3 (Paperback edition)
2) Robert Marks. The Origins of the Modern World. 3rd ed. (Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Little, 2015) ISBN 978-1-4422-1240-4

-You’ll find most of what you need to write the essay on CHAPTER FOUR of Marks, R.The Origins of the Modern World. You can skim through the prior chapters, don’t go beyond chapter 4.
-If you can find anything on the Environmental and Social consequences of industrialization in Armstrong please include that but that is not the book’s focus. You might want to look for some consequences of industrialization on the islamic world, the book possibly mentions that. if you do not find anything it is totally fine.


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