my topic is about social media and how is this affect on children. It is 6 pages essay and the 7th for references. The introduction should be one page include a strong hook and background about the topic , facts and thesis statement. I choose three problems to talk about it :

A.    Parents may lose their control on their kids

B.    Sexual predators

C.    Cyber bullying

The essay structure : introduction , three body paragraphs for problems, three body paragraphs for solutions. for cyber bullying solution better provide with success real story. I am studying academic english at level 5 the language for the essay should reflect my level.

my paper should be:

  • be double spaced
  • use font size 12 Times New Roman
  • use the APA format
  • be paraphrased (any information from the internet must be cited) to avoide plagiarism
  • you can use 5 refernces.

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