Writing assignment: Essay on Lying


For this assignment, you will write a five-paragraph essay resulting from your weeklong analysis of your personal lying habits. Use your lying journal and the survey to organize your thoughts. The essay should be structured in the following manner:

Paragraph 1: Introduction to lying, with a very general topic sentence (or sentences), such as “Lying is a very common activity …” or “On television or radio news or in newspapers, people are confronted with reports of lying every day …” Continue in this paragraph by introducing the fact that you kept a lying journal and analyzed your lying habits for a week.

Paragraph 2: In this paragraph, you will present your general attitude about lying, whether you consider it really bad, somewhat bad, or something that is common or even necessary. Tell about what you thought your lying habits might be before you kept the journal and closely monitored your lying habits. You might bring in what you were taught about lying, who taught you, and if you really paid attention to this training. You might also bring in your lying history, that is, the situations in which you normally lied in the past.

Paragraph 3: Begin with a time transition (“During the last two weeks …) In this paragraph present the results of the survey (which reflect the journal). Tell how often you lied on an average every day, the situations in which you lied the most, and what type of lies you told (use the categories presented in the article)

Paragraph 4: Get more specific about the most common area in which you lied. Analyze one specific lie (or a series of lies); write about why you told the lie(s), what the motivation was, what the result of the lie was, if you felt sorry later about telling the lie and whether you would tell the lie again in the future under the same circumstances

Paragraph 5: In the concluding paragraph, discuss whether you were surprised at your behavior, and whether this experience [of keeping the journal and analyzing your habits] will change your behavior in terms of lying. Do you think that you will lie less in the future? Has your opinion about lying changed?

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