This essay must include all the following:
Why you are interested in the course/major ?
( I’m applying to business and management )
I’m planning to open up a business in the soon future, i’ve always been obsessed with businesses and i have so many ideas but i need the right skills to succeed in this field..
Why you want to study in the UK?
To get higher degree, and better learning, great place to live in, to be independent person, etc.
What makes you a good student: why should the university accept you?
eager to learn, innovative person
Your hobbies and interests?
( I’m applying to business and management, Currently I’m studying at LIC, foundation in business law and social sciences, my hobbies reading, running, exploring the world, interior design, etc).
Your skills and achievements?
interior desinger,
Your long term career and study plans
to continue masters then PhD. open my own business
How your previous study has prepared you for the course
really good, i took business management class and business organisations, statistics, economics… so i have i good background
Volunteer or work experience you may have
No not in the UK since its not allowed for students with tier4 visa to work.

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