Open the Operations tab, then click Communications to read memos and e-mails regarding the green plan and the green team.

  1. Write, in approximately 400 words, how a project leader would identify, address, and mitigate conflicts that may arise from differences among team members.
  2. Writean executive summary of approximately 400 words in which you summarize strategies a project leader may use to promote success while maintaining a positive and respectful relationship with team members.

Each answer with 100 words

1.-When a group of people works on a project together, conflicts may occur for many reasons. From your experience, describe three to four reasons why people working in a group setting have conflicts. Consider personality traits and external factors. Then, describe strategies a group leader may use to identify and mitigate the source of conflict.

2.- Recommendation to avoid Conflicts Within the Workplace –

3.- What is the Role of the eXtreme Project Manager

4.- Companies usually have global project teams working together in face-to-face and virtual environments. What are some intercultural issues that may arise due to differences of language, gender, age, professional status, or stereotype? Describe how these differences may lead to tension among team members. What are some strategies a project leader may use to lead diverse teams?

5.- Recommendations to develop an optimal atmosphere in the workplace

6.- Project Management Tools to obtain the best results of the project.

7.- With the ease of communication provided by the Internet and other digital technology, team members may be geographically separated from one another. What is the best way to introduce virtual team members and establish lines of communication used throughout a project?

8.- How important is it for a project leader to initiate an icebreaker or team-building activity at the beginning of a new project? What are some activities a team leader may initiate?

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